Progressive Chiptune Metal

Denver, CO

Est. 2007


Dr. Zilog was conceived by Pieter Montoulieu in 2007 when he decided to blend heavy metal, prog rock, chiptune music and weird samples.

After years of writing music as a solo project, DZ brought on Jackson Kaufman as a second guitarist. Jackson assisted with riffs, chiptune melodies and drums on the latest Dr. Zilog album, Obstreperous.

On top of having a new guitarist, they've recently added Eric W. Brown from Rainbowdragoneeyes as their new drummer. He will play live shows and join DZ on a short tour later this year.


Pieter Montoulieu

Guitar, Chiptunes, Drums

Jackson Kaufman

Guitar, Chiptunes, Drums

Eric W. Brown

Live Drums

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